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Coronavirus and UVC

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FHS Scandinavia has extensive experience in working with the many microbiological challenges that are generally found in the food and pharma industry. Now a virus, specifically coronavirus, has become relevant to us all. Corona or Covid-19 has led companies from many industries other than the food industry to screen the market for effective disinfection solutions.

Particularly UVC light has attracted much attention as UVC has been used for many years, and because research shows that it is highly effective against microorganisms.

n short, UVC light destroys DNA in microorganisms and specifically RNA in viruses. Consequently, the question is not “whether” it works against coronavirus, but “how” it works.

We recommend a permanently mounted UVC light installation rather than a mobile/portable solution because it increases safety ‒ both in terms of efficiency and for people.


If you lack the necessary knowledge about UVC light and the equipment is not dimensioned properly, the desired results will not be achieved. Not because UV systems do not work, but because the systems are incorrectly dimensioned and training/education is not complied with. Unfortunately, in these Corona-times, we see examples of companies that showcase UVC equipment and present application methods that provide false security at best.

Recently, several mobile UVC devices have been introduced on the market. They may work, but they may also provide false security if not used correctly and, not least, if they do not comply with safety requirements. If the UVC dose fails to meet the dosimetry, which is calculated based on distance, energy and time, proper disinfection cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, FHS rarely recommends mobile UVC solutions, but rather simple and permanently mounted solutions that provide greater safety and guarantee efficient and automatic decontamination.

But: How high should the UVC dose be to provide effective inactivation of the virus?

As yet, there are no studies on the UVC sensitivity of Covid-19, or more specifically, the SARS-Cov-2 virus that is currently causing problems across the world. However, a study has been made on another long-known coronavirus, see the link to the study here, from which the quote below is taken:

«“Furthermore, coronavirus, which is an encapsulated virus, was inactivated by a relatively low dose of 254 nm UV. The high UV sensitivity of coronavirus aerosols suggests that UV air disinfection may be an effective tool to prevent major respiratory viral diseases such as SARS.”»”

At FHS Scandinavia, we also have experience with another technology that is also highly effective, although in other areas of application ‒ LED UV.

Here you can also find more information on our cases in offices, the healthcare sector and schools/kindergartens.


There are many different UV wavelengths, from ordinary Mercury lamps to LED technology. When used properly, personnel may remain in the area while decontamination is in progress, but incorrect use of the equipment may result in major equipment damage and personnel injuries. Therefore, it is crucial that UVC and LED equipment are only used and installed by staff with the proper training and knowledge.
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Our solutions are achieved by integrating UVC light, using ionisation or ozone and antibacterial mats. We offer treatments of air, floor, surface, conveyor belts/equipment, packaging/containers and water.

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All our methods are broad-spectrum solutions, i.e. that they basically eliminate all microbiological organisms, and they do not distinguish between listeria or coli bacteria, but we do. Some challenges need a higher dose than others in order to be eliminated, and due to our experience and scientific tables, we can recommend the optimal solution for your particular microbiological challenge.


All our suppliers are market leaders in the European market for UVC light, ionisation, ozone and antibacterial flooring, and they are all specialists in their technology.

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