LED UVC lock against unclean tools in clean production in dairy


External craftsmen/consultants with toolboxes, computers, cardboard boxes or similar small items go into pure production in the dairy. The person reviews the hygiene regulations of the dairy with regards to coats, glasses, shoes, etc., whereas the work tools that the person brings into the clean zone are not decontaminated. This situation increases the risk of contamination in clean production.


The dairy is establishing an LED UVC lock for tools, computers and similar smaller items. After 3 minutes in the lock, the objects are disinfected. Both sensitive materials and electronics can withstand the treatment, which is completely free of chemicals and cheap in consumption.


The LED UVC lock, which will be installed at the dairy, is a Wisdom DS from LED TAILOR. The lock has been thoroughly tested and documentation shows that e.g. MRSA and listeria are reduced by a log4 on the objects that have been treated in the lock. The decontamination of tools and computers therefore creates increased microbiological security in the clean production, which in the end can mean that the dairy achieves large savings on the end product (less waste and fewer recalls).


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