Clean air in production

Clean air is the best starting point for reducing mould, yeast and bacteria in production, which applies to air coming in from the outside and recirculated air in production areas with high activity.

FHS Scandinavia has the best subcontractors of environmental-friendly technology for disinfection of air, to improve hygiene standards and to ensure long-term sustainability – entirely chemical-free.

The equipment can be installed in your existing ventilation or as an independent unit. The various technologies; UVC, ionisation, L.O.G. Four and ozone, each have their specific advantages and can be combined according to your challenge. Recirculation plants also serve as particle removers.

Comfort air for offices, schools, canteens etc.

Clean air is not only needed in production. A fresh, healthy and safe indoor climate for all employees, guests, clients, teachers, students and more creates optimal indoor climate conditions throughout the organization.

By installing our supplier’s integrable, mobile and/or stationary air purifiers with UVC or ionization solutions in office and conference furniture, the installation can help to keep the general air in the room clean. We can eliminate the risk of the spread of viruses and bacteria by up to 99.9%.

The air purifiers can also function as ordinary air purification in offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, living rooms, classrooms and the like.



All our suppliers are market leaders in the European market for UVC light, ionisation, ozone and antibacterial flooring, and they are all specialists in their technology.

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