Purification or decontamination of water can generate considerable savings in water consumption, which is great for the economy as well as the environment. FHS Scandinavia is well experienced in decontamination of water and other liquid products with UVC and/or ozone. Drinking water, process water and wastewater can be decontaminated and in production, considerable savings can be achieved by recycling. In the dairy sector, we have excellent experiences using UV-C for decontamination in brine containers, and ozone offers a large number of possibilities to remove unwanted taste in, e.g. beverages that may have developed somewhere along the production process.

Before we can suggest a “Food Hygiene Solution”, we need to know about your specific microbiological challenge and your objectives, and then we can find the right solution for you, be it based on UV-C, ionisation, ozone, LED working lights and/or a combination of these dry decontamination technologies



All our suppliers are market leaders in the European market for UVC light, ionisation, ozone and antibacterial flooring, and they are all specialists in their technology.

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