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Like bacteria, yeast and mould are found everywhere in nature, and they can be both beneficial and harmful. They also serve as indicator organisms and important parameters when measuring hygiene standards. At FHS Scandinavia, we are well experienced in reducing high yeast and mould levels by providing good, clean air when using, e.g. ionisation.

In bread production, we have achieved significant reductions in mould and yeast levels in different types of departments and bakeries with ionisation, e.g. in packaging, cooling tunnels and UVC tunnels, ionisation in machinery, storage and production. We can contribute to a better production environment in every area where mould and yeast present a challenge. Thus, you can meet or even extend durability requirements, and accordingly save costs on return goods and claims.

Regardless of the challenge, FHS Scandinavia cannot guarantee a given microbiological level, but we can always improve the microbiological level in collaboration with our customer. When we reduce high yeast and mould levels, employees will also experience a significant improvement of the indoor climate and thus an improved working environment in general.

If you are looking for inspiration for solutions to other microbiological challenges, please look into our cases, which you will find below or in the “CASES” section. You are also most welcome to call us on +45 27 62 61 73 for further information.


Our solutions are achieved by integrating UVC light, using ionisation or ozone and antibacterial mats. We offer treatment of air, floor, surface, conveyor belts/equipment, packaging/containers and water.

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All our methods are broad-spectrum solutions, i.e. that they basically eliminate all microbiological organisms, and they do not distinguish between listeria or coli bacteria, but we do. Some challenges need a higher dose than others in order to be eliminated, and due to our experience and scientific tables, we can recommend the optimal solution for your particular microbiological challenge.


All our suppliers are market leaders in the European market for UVC light, ionisation, ozone and antibacterial flooring, and they are all specialists in their technology

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