Dairy reduces waste and extra cleaning with ionisation in maturing rooms

A general problem in all climate/storage and maturing rooms

Temperature and humidity in climate rooms are familiar challenges that lead to mould growth. The mould is first found in the air and then products are contaminated via the mould in the air.
Therefore, it is crucial to have control of the temperature and humidity in storage and maturing rooms, as products such as hams, salami and mature cheeses and dry-aged beef must be able to endure the long maturing and ageing process until they have reached the correct consistency and PH level, and this process results in significant weight loss, which is primarily fluid and moisture.


At Ostegården, which in 2018 had FANAOST named as the best in the world, they had ionisation installed in their maturing room in the same year because they experienced problems with mould and large seasonal fluctuations in air quality. Mould and yeast in the air presented challenges in being able to deliver uniform top quality.


FHS contacted Ostegården and arranged a meeting where we had the opportunity to see the mould challenges in the storage area. Measurement of air quality was not necessary as the mould was visible in the maturing room, and this is what we often encounter when we look at the storage room. What provides good conditions for the cheeses, humidity and temperature, are also the conditions that allow mould and yeast to thrive. We agreed to put two CX300s up in the maturing room and to take them back if there was no effect. However, that was not the case, and Ostegården ordered more equipment.


At Ostegården, they have saved one day a week for two employees to clean for mould and significantly reduced wastage and complaints. At the same time, the dairy has avoided unwanted deviations, which are often seasonal concerning, for example, the number of mould spores. There were improvements in the maturing room immediately after installation and they have remained at the same level since. Furthermore, the employees have also commented that the air now feels clean and fresh and provides a better working climate

moUld and yeast removed with ionization in bakery


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