Coronavirus UVC-LED light for disinfection in workplaces, schools, nursing homes, etc.

Offices, canteens, kitchen areas, toilets, etc.:

Common areas are critical areas of hygiene as they contain many contact surfaces from which corona infection can be spread. To eliminate viruses on these surfaces, we recommend LED or UVC light, for disinfection. It can be installed with a sensor that detects that the area is empty of people and then turns on the blue disinfectant LED light. After a few minutes or when there is activity in the area again, the light turns off automatically and the area is disinfected. See cases from LED TAILOR.

Antibacterial mats can also be part of a disinfection solution, which ensures that infection is not carried around the company.

In addition, offices can with great advantage use a disinfection box – WATCH VIDEO. for computers, mobile phones, mice, writing tools and the like (max 32x50x14 cm), which is disinfected in 3 minutes in the box. Both sensitive materials and electronics can withstand the treatment, which is completely free of chemicals and cheap in consumption. Read case about desinfektionsbox.

FHS has disinfection options for both floor, surfaces and air, and we have extensive experience in finding the technology or technologies that provide the best disinfection solution for a given budget and goal.


In places where many people are close together, there is always a greater risk of infection – and especially among children who play or sit close in a classroom. In schools, UVC – LED light provides the opportunity to disinfect the classroom during the break, where students are away – e.g. 5-10 min. per hour.Read more about schools’ use here.. And in kindergartens, the disinfectant light can be on when the children are on a trip, on the playground or similar. during the day. Toilets can similarly be disinfected with light when a sensor detects that the room is empty.


In the care/healthcare sector, UVC light is already a known technology and has been documented as an effective disinfection solution.

Nursing homes at this time require an extraordinary effort to ensure a very high standard of hygiene. It requires extra effort on the part of the nursing staff and therefore UVC-LED light can be a great help in solving these very important and time consuming tasks. Kitchen and toilet facilities can be disinfected with blue light, and a disinfection box – Wisdom DS – can in 3 minutes disinfect e.g. blood pressure and blood glucose meters, thermometers, stethoscopes, keys, mice, iPads, mobile phones. The box can be moved around depending on where the need for disinfection is, but still with the same high standard of safety – WATCH VIDEO.

At e.g. dentists and physiotherapists, UVC light can be mounted above the treatment table, and existing fluorescent tubes in treatment rooms can be replaced with white ANTiBAC AiRTUBE LED tubes. Blue UVC light can be mounted in the ceiling for automatic disinfection at night, or for the breaks that are taken during the day.

NOTE:Protective equipment such as masks and gloves can be recycled during this time, when in many places they are scarce vital resources, using a disinfection box – see test from CDC here.


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