UVC lock in a bakery for disinfection of Vemag trolleys


In a bakery with high transport activities of raw materials and packaging from an unclean zone to a clean zone, a significant part of the contamination occurred in the clean zone as a result of transport. Test results showed that the contamination mainly derived from personnel, equipment and Vemag trolleys from the unclean zone.


FHS Scandinavia offered a solution consisting of a UVC lock. The lock was built according to the company´s specific needs and was based on knowledge of the bakery´s work process and its required hygiene objectives.

FHS Scandinavia has extensive knowledge and experience in calculating the amount of UVC energy needed to eliminate a given bacterium, spore or yeast and mould. These factors are crucial to be able to calculate the correct UVC dose, distances, energy and process time in the lock. We use a calculation tool, developed in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) – an essential guarantee that it works.


Through the UVC lock, the bakery achieves overall improved hygiene safety, since the lock, in combination with the company´s many other routines, helps to achieve the company´s hygiene objectives. This contamination safeguard between unclean and clean zones can ensure that the company avoids waste and product recalls, and consequently, the bakery can now offer a longer product shelf-life.


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