Cheese in brine tanks and mould in the air

A general problem in all climate/storage and maturing rooms:

Temperature and humidity in climate rooms are familiar challenges that lead to mould growth. The mould is first found in the air and then products are contaminated via the mould in the air.
Therefore, it is crucial to have control of the temperature and humidity in storage and maturing rooms, as products such as hams, salami and mature cheeses and dry-aged beef must be able to endure the long maturing and ageing process until they have reached the correct consistency and PH level, and this process results in significant weight loss, which is primarily fluid and moisture.


In 2016, FHS Scandinavia was contacted by Nørager Dairy, a specialist in white cheese that would like to hear more about options for air disinfection with ionization. The dairy had mould and yeast challenges in the cold room, where the white cheese is stored in brine tanks.


At that time, FHS Scandinavia had no experience of a similar problem from cold rooms with brine tanks, but as the challenge was about microbiology in the air, it was obvious to try ionization. Of course, Nørager Dairy should not have to invest in ionization equipment without knowing that ionization worked on their challenge, and therefore, FHS Scandinavia offered a “No Cure-No Pay” agreement. After a period that was followed up by microbiological tests, it was found that ionization had an excellent effect, and Nørager Dairy decided to keep the test installation.


Efter testen er der installeret flere ioniseringsanlæg hos Nørager Mejeri og Mejeri Chef Torben Hovgaard udtaler, at de er tilfredse med ioniserings udstyret fra FHS Scandinavia samt den årlige service, der sikrer at udstyret kører optimalt.

FHS Scandinavia forhandler Airgenic AS specialudviklede Ioniseringsudstyr, læs mere om Airgenics produkter på


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