A bread producer and mould challenges


A bread producer contacted us, as the company repeatedly had challenges with mould in the air and on surfaces, which typically occurred during periods when there are also good mould conditions in nature. Mould challenges at food companies are generally a well-known problem, as the air from outside is a natural part of the whole picture. Even with elaborate routines for hygiene, professional ventilation systems and HEPA filtration, mould occurred at the bread producer – albeit on a small scale. However, to meet its own target, the company would not accept even small deficits and are constantly working on getting a little closer to the target of 100%, i.e. that the target of real shelf life is identical to actual shelf life every day all year round (the industry average for this target is in the range of 80 to 99%).


With an ambition to eliminate the mould problem, FHS Scandinavia performed a pre-analysis, which, among other things, consisted of air samples with air sampling, surface samples and particle measurement. After analysing the test results, production flow and premises, FHS proposed a test installation consisting of three elements in one department – the test was offered as a “No Cure No Pay” test.
The test showed that mould not only enters via the air but also finds its way in on packaging, technicians and the product, which has its normal flow between all zones in the company, clean as well as unclean. Therefore, FHS Scandinavia proposed three installations:1. An ionisation installation for the fight against mould in the ventilation, together with a recycling unit.
2. A UVC installation for spot disinfection on those surfaces where there is a high risk of surface contamination.
3. Antibacterial floor/mat as extra security for both walking and traffic moving between zones.


The above analytical review and installation gave such good results that the customer was in no doubt that they should keep the test installations. Since then, ionisation, UVC and antibacterial floor/mats have been installed in all areas of the factory where there are potential mould challenges.

Not all companies want their name to be used in connection with a case description. However, often they do not mind being contacted directly, and FHS Scandinavia can arrange the contact.


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