Mould in climate rooms ‒ organic Danish salami!

A general problem in climate/maturing rooms:

Temperature and humidity in climate rooms are familiar challenges that lead to mould growth. The mould is first found in the air, and then products are contaminated via this mould in the air. And since products such as sausages, cheeses and hung beef mature over a long period, there are constant challenges in controlling mould growth in these rooms.


Quality Manager Heidi Andersen at Slagtergården in Holbæk, Denmark, stated that at times there were challenges with mould in the climate room, where their organic Danish salami matured. To reduce the mould, extra hours were spent cleaning, but since the mould is in the air, it is difficult to get rid of. Therefore, Slagtergården contacted FHS Scandinavia to hear if ionisation could be a solution to their mould challenge.


After seeing the climate room and describing the challenges, FHS Scandinavia offered a “No Cure No Pay” solution, which meant that FHS would remove the mould growth so that it was no longer a problem that had to be kept in check with extra cleaning. Slagtergården was offered the equipment for an agreed period with the simple clause ‒ complete satisfaction or return the equipment.


After six months of testing with the ionisation equipment in the climate room, Heidi Andersen and the team at Slagtergården were convinced that ionisation was the right technology to reduce mould growth in the climate room. There was simply no more mould left, saving many working hours and cleaning products. Claus Rasmussen, who is responsible for the daily operation of the climate room and the products, is also delighted with the equipment and can recommend ionisation with Airgenic’s products and FHS Scandinavia advice to others with the same problem.


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