Mould growth in maturing rooms for dry-aged beef

A general problem in all climate/storage and maturing rooms

Temperature and humidity in climate rooms are familiar challenges that lead to mould growth. The mould is first found in the air and then products are contaminated via the mould in the air.

Therefore, it is crucial to have control of the temperature and humidity in storage and maturing rooms, as products such as hams, salami and mature cheeses and dry-aged beef must be able to endure the long maturing and ageing process until they have reached the correct consistency and PH level, and this process results in significant weight loss, which is primarily fluid and moisture.


Öxneholm produces and supplies delicious quality meat, focusing on delivering the most flavourful meat that can be produced sustainably, knowing that meat production is detrimental to the climate. Therefore, the company also chooses sustainable solutions for the microbiological challenges, and FHS Scandinavia’s solutions always have no chemicals and are based on nature’s own solutions.

Therefore, Öxneholm contacted FHS Scandinavia because, like the industry in general, they had increased microbiology growth in the air of their maturing room, where their dry-aged beef hangs. At the same time, the challenge was that they wanted to solve the problem of microbiology growth in the maturing room’s refrigeration evaporators WITHOUT CHEMICALS.


Ionisation is one solution that disinfects the air without chemicals and is nature’s own method. FHS Scandinavia’s representative studied the conditions in the maturing rooms and performed air tests to assess the need for ionisation and document the before and after results.

With FHS’s experience with ionisation, we were convinced that we would be able to make a difference in the maturing rooms at Öxneholm. FHS offered Öxneholm a “No Cure No Pay” agreement.


After a few months, it was not difficult for Öxneholm to make the right decision to solve the mould problem with their dry-aged beef in the maturing room. They now have good clean air in the maturing rooms, which no longer contaminates their quality beef. Therefore, it was also easy to calculate the installation’s payback time. It would be extremely fast, as Öxneholm’s meat loss during cutting and preparation of the beef was significantly reduced, which is both financially and sustainably an important argument for continuing with the ionisation installation in their maturing rooms.


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