Mould and yeast challenge at a bread manufacturer


A bread manufacturer found unsatisfactory air quality in its packaging and refrigeration tunnel. The air quality was documented during a long period using Air-Sampler. Their challenges were yeast and mould that contaminated the bread and reduced its shelf-life. This situation may jeopardise the manufacturer´s reputation with retailers, as well as consumers, and at a tremendous cost.


FHS Scandinavia reviewed the bread manufacturer´s production flow and assessed all factors that might affect the yeast and mould challenge.

The manufacturer set very specific goals in relation to total germ levels, and yeast and mould levels in the individual production areas. FHS Scandinavia was to guarantee that the goals were met by means of decontamination of the air in the packaging and cooling tunnel.

Following careful calculations, FHS Scandinavia installed ionisation in the ventilation, as well as in the recirculation units at the premises. The installation was sold on condition that FHS Scandinavia was able to deliver results that met the specific objectives, and the goal was fulfilled.


By choosing this FHS solution, the bread manufacturer ensures an excellent starting point for clean air in the production environment and thus reducing the risk of lost production. The manufacturer can fulfil its commitment to longer shelf-life, even for products with fewer additives and ecologic products, resulting in short-term and long-term financial gain..


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