High germ levels on packaging


A Danish dairy customer intermittently experienced excessive germ levels on lids and cups, which might lead to costly deterioration of the final product.


FHS Scandinavia has excellent knowledge of administering UVC to eliminate a given bacterium, yeast or mould. When basing the calculation on a large number of factors such as temperature, speed and distance, we can tell exactly how high UVC intensity needs to be installed to guarantee dairy requirements – e.g. a Log1 reduction.

Therefore, FHS Scandinavia provided the dairy pipes and equipment that could be installed in the existing production, and which fulfilled the dairy´s requested germ level reduction. The installation was offered on a “No Cure No Pay” basis on condition that the customer would buy the installation if the requested results were achieved. UVC was then installed on the equipment, and the results were extremely satisfactory. Further installations have been added since.


Safer production, less risk of contamination and thus less risk of inferior products or recalls, which is ultimately a considerable cost for the dairy.

dekontaminering af pakkelinie med UV-C
Uvc til dekontaminering af yoghurtbæger
See installation photo of UVC light for decontamination of air


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