Brewery uses ozone for decontamination of pipes and CIP


Grebbestad Brewery has used large amounts of chemicals and hot water to disinfect all process equipment – a necessary procedure to maintain the highest product quality. The method is one of the most water-consuming and expensive processes, which together with the chemical handling problems, creates challenges during production. Therefore, the decontamination potential of ozone was tested against the traditional hygiene solution with chemistry and hot water.


Ozonetech installed a high-performance ozone system that provides efficient cleaning and disinfection of frequent CIP operations without the use of acid and hot water. The ozone system automatically controls the amount of ozone concentration during disinfection as needed, leaving no chemical residue. Completely without handling or administration of hot water or hazardous chemicals.


Ozone for disinfection has significantly reduced the brewery’s cost of handling chemicals and the direct purchase costs of chemicals. Water consumption is also significantly reduced as chemical residues no longer occur. In addition, the downtime of the plant is reduced thanks to the system’s high disinfection capacity. The brewery is very satisfied with ozone as their new hygiene technology and has integrated the ozone system in both fermentation tanks and filling machines. And besides being an attractive economic solution, ozone also proved to be an attractive solution for the environment as a whole.


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